‘Tales by Queers’ is an online platform for queer writers, poets, and playwrights. The space is dedicated to all types of writing genres such as essay, fiction, fantasy, historical, political and religious. We aim to become a virtual space for queer writers from across the globe to showcase their work and interact with peers, publishers and publicists.


‘Tales by Queers’ brings queer writings across the world and archiving those at a single place.

We offer:

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Latest Stories

  • What is He to Me? - He is elder to me, yet he becomes a child for me, He is devilishly beautiful yet he says he is blessed to have me. The dusk begins when he Read More
  • अर्धनारीश्वर - अर्धनारीश्वर बचपन में देखा था पहली बार l मानो पुरुष ने किया नारी शृंगार ll पूछा मैंने मां, से यह कौन खड़े हैं द्वारा? मां बोली, पूर्व जन्म के पापों Read More
  • A Poem for Pride - I walk, they whisper. I run, they talk. I fall, they laugh. Yet, with Pride I get Up. Pride! My Pride! Your Pride! Our Pride! Their Pride! Everyone's Pride! To Read More
  • It Still Rains Here - "It still rains here Though you left me, long ago. I still relish the drops, On my fingers, my hands, my face, my neck And everything, that was once, yours. Read More
  • Unexpected life - It's 1am and you're trying to sleep but no sleeps comes since your mind is too occupied with unwanted thoughts It's 2am and you're crying your heart out because everyone Read More
  • ग्लानि – Part 1 - आज वो बहुत परेशान था। उसे बार बार वो दिन याद आ रहा था जब वो गीता से शादी कर अपनी एक नयी दुनिया बनायी थी। लेकिन आज उनके तलाक़ Read More
  • हमारी अधूरी कहानी - *हमारी अधूरी कहानी* जवानी की दहलीज पर कदम पड़े ही थे l जिंदगी भी अजीब कश्मकश के दौर से गुजर रही थी l रह रह कर अपने ही अंदर सवालों Read More
  • #After377 -   और फ़ोन पर एक नम्बर दिखा - वो कोई रैंडम नम्बर नहीं था। मैंने कई बार ये नम्बर देखा था। इससे पहले कुछ स्क्रीन्शॉट्स और कुछ कॉन्फ़्रेन्स कॉल्ज़ जहाँ Read More
  • IN JUST ONE SINGLE DAY - Here I present you my worst experience being gay in my college. I did my hotel management from a college in Wayanad district of Kerala. I was one the best Read More
  • And he saw me in Saree - Rohan was the only child of his working parents, after returning home from school at 1:30 pm he remained all alone in his house till his parents were back from Read More