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He was very happy as his exams for class five were over. He will now go to his maternal grandmother’s home for summer vacations. For him it was his favorite place and his whole world. After all he was pampered by one and all – his cousins, his aunts, his uncles and of course his grandmother. His mother always complained, though smiling, ‘My mother loves spoiling you ’. Though his father never approved his stay there but his mother always managed to convince him.

Reaching Udaipur, he was greeted enthusiastically by everyone especially his grandmother who bombarded him with kisses. He felt like a prince. He was so happy, all grinning, laughing. That evening they decided to go to market for shopping. His aunt said, ‘Now that you are grown-up you will do your shopping yourself.’ He was overjoyed as now he could choose what to wear. After all he is grown-up now.

After shopping, everyone surround the matriarch showing all they bought. He too excitedly showed his T-Shirt, holding it in his tiny hands and beaming with pride. His grandmother looked at it and mocked, ‘You bought this. I can’t believe. This is so feminine. You are a boy, stop this girlish behavior. Look at the color of this T-Shirt. How can you choose such a color’? Everyone laughed loudly. With teary eyes he looked around for support and affirmation for his choice but alas even his mom was laughing. At that moment how much he hated himself. Purple was his favorite color.

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मानव हूंं मैं कोई अमानव नहीं


      मानव हूंं मैं कोइ अमानव नहीं

सोचा है आज जो पहले नहींं
बेचैनी है आज पर डर नहीं
दिल में है पहचान जो बाहर नहीं
मानव हूंं मैं कोइ अमानव नहीं

हाथों में है साड़ी, पतलून नहीं
चेहरे पे है खुशी, कोई गम नहीं
देखा है ख़ुद को आज, कोई परछाईं नहीं
मानव हूंं मैं कोई अमानव नहीं

चूड़ियां हैं हाथ में, समाज की बेड़ियां नहीं
पाज़ेब हैं पैरों में, कोई जंजीर नहीं
बदलनी है अब सोच, खुद को नहीं
मानव हूंं मैं कोइ अमानव नहीं

माथे पर है बिंदी, शिकस्त कि लकीरें नहीं
कानों में हैं झुमके, तानों कि आवाज़ नहीं
खुद से खुश हूं, तुमसे नाराज़ भी नहीं
मानव हूंं मैं कोइ अमानव नहीं

आज कंधे पर है पल्लू, कोई बोझ नहीं
बाल हैं लम्बे, परेशानियां नहीं
चेहरे पे श्रृंगार, कोई मुखौटा नहीं
हांं मानव हूंं मैं कोइ अमानव नहीं

तालीयां नहीं अब सोच है बदलनी
यह शुरुवात है ख़ुद से तुमसे नहीं
निकल रहा हूं बाहर अब घबराना नहीं
अपनालो हमें अब, फिर ठुकराना नहीं

तुम जैसा ही तो मानव हूंं
कोई अमानव नहीं।

– समय सिंह ठाकुर

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हो अधिकार प्यार का सबको l
क्यों कर रखा है वंचित हमको ll
क्योंकि तेरी सोच से अलग है l
तो क्या प्यार मेरा गलत है ll
शरीर की सीमा से प्यार तो परे है l
हम भी प्यार के लिए जिए और मरे हैं ll
हां समान शरीर से किया है l
पर उस एहसास को हमने भी जिया है ll
जाना पड़े तो जाएंगे विपक्ष तेरे l
करनी पड़े करेंगे बगावत खिलाफ तेरे ll
कहो विद्रोही या कहो बाघी बने हम l
पर ना मिला तो अधिकार अब छीनेंगे हम ll
समाज की हर सोच से अब जा लड़ेंगे हम l
पकड़ हाथों में हाथ जब साथ चलेंगे हम ll
– रित्विक

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अंजान इश्क

तुमसे मिल के भी आज मिले क्यों नहीं?
दूरीयां हैं यह कैसीं नज़दीकियां क्यों नही?
अंजान हैं आज हमें जान कहने वाले
प्यार तो था फिर जताया क्यो नही?

सामने मुस्कुराहट है पर आंसु क्यों नहीं?
परवाह भी है फिर फिकृ क्यों नहीं?
अजीब हैं ये प्यार को अंधा कहने वाले
आज आंखें खुली तो अपनाया क्यों नहीं?

दिल तोड़ दिया पर वादे क्यों नहीं?
साथ छोड़ दिया मगर हांथ क्यों नहीं?
अलग हैं ये शब्दो से खेलने वाले
सफर में साथ चलने वाले अब क्यों हमसफर नहीं?

एहसास तो है पर सुकून क्यों नहीं?
धड़कन तो है फिर जान क्यों नहीं?
बेफिक्र हैं आज साथ हंसने वाले
मुरझाए तो हैं पर तूटे क्यों नहीं?

कुछ सपने थे जिनसे ख्वाब बनाये थे,
साथ मिलकर ही तो इन्हें सजाय थे,
आज ख्वाब भीं हैं वहीं और सपने भी
बस एक वक्त था जो शाय़द अब नहीं।

टूट कर न मुरझायेंगे हम,
उम्मीद जो बाक़ी है जायेंगे हम,
तुमने साथ छोड़ दिया तो क्या हुआ
कोई तो अपना हाथ होगा जिसे अपनायेंगे हम।

– समय सिंह ठाकुर

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The moment it was!!!

It all started in our NCC camps when we used to stay together with many other girls in a barrack . She was a friend since my high school days but I never got to know her like that like I did in my camps .
We came closer but not more than friends.
Things changed from on my part. I got possessive about her friendship. And later about her even.
I used to think about her whole day whole night . It all confused me. my thoughts came to heights when it became a sexual fantasy.
I need to find out why. Why this way??
But answers came . Yes ” u love her”…
The moment I realized this , that same moment I dropped all the doubts that could irrelate me to her. . everything was so so good and positive.
I told her the next day ” I love u . ” She said ” I love u too”. I said ” I love u in a different way” and kissed her hand.
How a straight girl could have reacted. She glanced at me .. ” I mean are u serious” she said.
Yes I am. I love u the way I could have done it to a boy. Or a boy could have done to u.
She halted me to realise about what I was saying. But I was sure.
She was fascinated by this new feeling ; I guess.
We came closer in possessiveness in time in friendship I love even but all was about to end.
When she realised the ” so called ” reality of her life that she could only make it up with a boy . She was engaged with someone on the go.
I was taken aback. She did hurt for the first time ever. Nothing of this sort of pain was ever realized.
I became weak mad at her always . Mad at everyone. Things were torned up.
But a month away from her realized that had I loved her in expectations of returning to me the same.. no I didn’t know the consequences that if she would love me back or not. I just did it to her.
I wanted her in my life no matter as a friend . But I wanted her .at least I would be assured of her happiness or her problems to be sorted out. …………………..
Still her smile sparkles my life. .
But ya her unfilled place still craves for someone to fill it . My heart searches for her in every female face i meet ……… I hope the search ends soon.

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