Month: August 2018

Journey to imperfections

travel to the world,
where all are blind.
imperfections lies,
travel to the world,
where love defines
with purity not with
the colour of skin.
the place where,
truth rules the world,
light of the soul
guide you the way.
The place,
hands know the
touch of love,
Eye can see
all good it can.
travel the world
your manners define
your status,
where your clothes are
just the sheets to
cover your body.
The place
your heart have feelings
grudges inside.
travel to the world,
of humans
there’s no definition of
right and wrong
no one devide between
cast and religion.
travel to the world
of equality.
travel to the world
imperfections lies in perfection.

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‘Hey I am buying this pair of earrings for your sister…hmm…rather our sister.’

’Yeah, I am sure she will love them.’

‘So who all will be there?’

‘How many times do I need to tell you? My sister’s and cousin’s family.’

‘Will your sister tie rakhi to me as well?’

‘Please don’t ask such stupid questions. You have already met them.’

‘Yeah. But that was almost two years back. I doubt whether they even remember me.’

‘They know you well. I keep talking to them about you .’

‘Well, knowing and remembering are two different things.’

It was a smooth ride from Noida to Gurgaon and after an hour’s journey the car stopped outside a swanky high-rise apartment at DLF Phase 3 in Gurgaon. He glanced rather nervously at building. They took lift to the 14th floor.

‘Come on they know about us. No one will say anything to you. They are educated.’

‘I wonder how I should address them…or rather how will they address me.’

He rang the doorbell of the apartment 1401. His cousin opened the door and suddenly the house was filled with cheers, laughter and greetings. His sister lovingly scolded him for being late. And then the festivities began. His sister did puja and then tied rakhi to him and his cousin. He stood alone in a corner of the room trying to hide the gift he brought. He could not gather courage to be part of the celebrations. No one greeted him. No one said anything to him. After a while they looked at each other and smiled sadly. They were out but were neither accepted nor acknowledged.

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