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What is He to Me?

He is elder to me, yet he becomes a child for me,
He is devilishly beautiful yet he says he is blessed to have me.
The dusk begins when he sleeps watching me on the video call,
And Yes the dawn comes after i wish him ‘Good morning’,
even though He gets up few hours before me, Says He..!!
Yes it’s tough on heart when it often becomes tired when
The heart beat touches the sky when he says “Humare woh Himachali hain”
Though it dives steeply when he says “Tum Rulate ho mereko”
When he laughs i see how much he has longed for this moment
I lecture him about the stuff on trust and freedom which he already knows
and He listens with wet eyes who cry out “Tumko khone ka dar hai”
Yes he gets angry and won’t reply but after a no. of apologies
He finally picks up the call,
And the first words are enough for me to realise the fact that indeed
how blessed actually i am to have him.
Is it infatuation or something else i don’t really want to know
Do you know why? because i wish to be selfish
I wish to be selfish for him for when he shows me dreams;
Dreams where we paint the canvas of our life with our own hands
Is so beautiful that even the thought is enough to make
Our present worthy of the moment; but alas that’s the End
Cause it was based on truth rather than false hopes
And why do i feel like saying that fuck the truth when
something so beautiful ended because he said the truth
And the dreaded line was “HE can’t come out to his family Ever”
And now tears fill the gap in the heart and for the last time we cried again
and yet again the dusk came when He slept watching me over the video call..!!

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बचपन में देखा था पहली बार l
मानो पुरुष ने किया नारी शृंगार ll
पूछा मैंने मां, से यह कौन खड़े हैं द्वारा?
मां बोली, पूर्व जन्म के पापों से l
बेटा, किन्नर है सारे ll
हर जन्म पे जो बधाई बजाते l
क्यों मां, हम उन्हें नहीं अपनाते ll
जब ईश्वर सदा पूर्ण कहलाए l
तो उसकी रचना अधूरी क्यों मानी जाए ll
सुन समाज कहता में डंके की चोट पर l
हा सत्य, सत्य है मेरा हर एक एक अक्षर ll
अगर पूर्ण है तेरा जगदीश्वर l
तो संपूर्ण है उसकी रचना अर्धनारीश्वर ll
– रित्विक

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A Poem for Pride

I walk, they whisper.
I run, they talk.
I fall, they laugh.
Yet, with Pride I get Up.

Pride! My Pride! Your Pride!
Our Pride! Their Pride!
Everyone’s Pride! To be
Who we’re and say it Freely.

Freely and with no Fear.
To paint the Rainbow
Across our faces and
Say, “Yes, we’re Queer”.

“Queer, we’re and Lesbian too
Yes, and Gay and Bi- and
Trans- too”, say it freely
Here, and there in the Pride too.

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It Still Rains Here

“It still rains here
Though you left me, long ago.
I still relish the drops,
On my fingers, my hands, my face, my neck
And everything, that was once, yours.
The pain you left me in, still exists.
But why should I grieve?
If that was what you desired to give me.

It still rains here.
The windows remain shut.
The roof leaks. The walls keep wet.
But I don’t smell moist.
Your fragrance still persists.
The smell of your sweat on the collar,
The smell of your hanky…

Do you remember the lane behind Sun City?
As the clouds capped the stars and the moon
And there was a catalyst zephyr,
You walked close to me.
The toxic aroma of cigarette that still lingered on your breath…
It was killing me. But I gave in.

I held you by your collar.

And that stroke of your stubbled cheeks on my neck…
I was young. And my skin was tender.

And so were, my hands that ran down your navel.

It still rains here.
Now, I have my own five O’clock shadow.
I still feel your tongue rolling in my mouth.
I swallow my saliva as I suck my lips.
My hands are now rugged.

How I wish, I could apologize for that collar that I ripped.
The lips were sealed.
They were wet, wrinkled and red. And so were yours.
And I still hold that button that fell apart.

And one fine day…
You decided to walk away. Just like that. Just.
I stood like a fool and see you lose to the crowds.
That’s all I could do then. Stand like a fool…

I feel sorry for my country and my country men.

It still rains here. Just so you know.”

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Homosexuality – life and acceptance

The question was on sexual preference.
He hesitated and was much influenced.
For the society it was unacceptable.
He needs to stand and show what he is all capable.

Exploring his orientation.
He preluded a notion.
He was a SAPPHIC.
Was all that made his life epic.

His parents were PRUDE.
And his life was all screwed.
He thought it was vile.
But didn’t knew being gay was all fine.

Coming out was his worst nightmare.
And this thought,he couldnt despair.
One fine day he broke the silence.
And spoke until the thoughts in his mind broke their violence.

He was all happy after then.
Being acceptable is what is required by a man.
Ranibow was his true colour.
This was all he wanted to decipher.

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