Submission Guidelines:

1. We accept original piece of work of 1000 words or less.
2. We accept all forms of genre of writing – fiction, comedy, satire, erotica,
poems, political and religious.
3. We only accept work that you previously have not sold or given away the
rights to anyone or elsewhere.
4. You retain the ownership of your story.
5. We do not pay for your submissions.
6. We do not accept any plagiarized work. Strict action shall be taken such as
person under the appropriate laws.
7. We accept entries in English, Hindi and Urdu.
8. You are strongly advised to review and edit your work before submission.
We reserve the right to publish your work on your site.
9. Please do not duplicate your submissions. It is wastage of time and
10. We will let you know the status of your submission within 2 weeks.
11. We will promote your work on our social media – Facebook, Twitter,
12. If your work is rejected we will duly inform you and you are encouraged to
submit the revised or another work.
13. Due to lack of manpower we will not be able to individually provide
feedback for rejections.
14. Please use Times New Roman font.
15. We accept multiple entries and each entry should be separately
submitted. We do not accept zip folders. Kindly do not submit any image
with your submissions or otherwise.