The loo at pool

As everyone has a fetish idea to fantasise, there are some who really take so much pain to make it into a reality like here is this guy of our story Tinu.

Tinu always fantasised of making out in public toilets and washrooms and used to get shrivelled when he saw any guy pissing out in public or at road side while he was driving his bike or traveling as this is a quite familiar scene for us to watch people peeing in public who stay in India.
Once during his college mid break he heard one of the hottest guy of his college speaking out to his friend ” Pankaj do you know I have developed this lean physique by regular swimming at the Royal swimming pool and its been more then a year now! But yaar the washroom is quite far away so it’s so toiling to walk every now and then as I feel getting pressure for peeing quite frequently “.
And that was a great news For Tinu, and ya swimming was not his cup of tea as he was such a queen as Royal as the Royal swimming pool, who would never like to make physical efforts which would make him feel exhausted,
He would be there just to be the queen and decide grades for the tools whom he was going to sneak peak over in the washroom.
Though Tinu had thoughts for that hunky Vijay who was boasting about his lean body. The very evening Tinu joined the gym by fulfilling the formalities.
It was a dream land for Tinu he could drool over some hot guys in their undies and ofcourse their bulges!
Tinu was so confident that he didn’t care about people whispering about him as he was not swimming and was frequently in and out of the toilet.
Suddenly when Tinu with his mischievous smile after watching many pipes draining out was about to exit the washroom he saw Vijay approaching towards the washroom…
Oh my! Tinu exclaimed and got back inside the loo he saw Vijay Came and released his pressure but he didn’t notice tinu standing drooling over his tool next to him, Tinu was so thrilled and excited at that moment as for him this fantasy which had turned reality was the only climax for his sexual satisfaction..
Vijay left the loo and the next day tinu dropped out from the royal swimming pool..
As Tinu was eager to look out for other pipes and other golden showers at different royal courts.. 😉

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